Supply, repair, and maintenance of medical gas manifolds and panels
As crucial to patient care as the medical gases, the panels, pressure and flow rates, and the manifolds responsible for their distribution, must be maintained to highest standards. We provide this reassurance with top-quality products and expert support. As with all of the installations undertaken by Smartech Woman, they are conducted by experienced technicians with SAQCC certification and performed in full compliance with the standards defined under SANS 7396 of 2009 and pertaining to medical gas systems. We believe that patient safety is paramount and thus attention to detail, even with the smaller and simpler components such as O-rings, non-return valves and HP filters, is a cornerstone of our service.

Statutory annual inspection and leakage testing
These, in addition to the other forms of testing listed below, are conducted at the convenience of the client and by qualified staff. All the procedures employed and acceptable performance standards conform fully to the statutory requirements for these inspections.

Pressure testing and issuing a certificate of compliance.

Purity testing of all gases